Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mini-mite moniker

Each year the mini-mites have Mite Night - it is quite a big deal. The kids are able to skate out in the spotlight while they are announced over the PA. Very exciting.

So there has been much consternation in the Schmidt House over what little man should have for his introduction on the big night.

First there was "Broadway Joe" Schmidt.

Then we moved on to "Hurricane Joe" Schmidt.

Then we decided it should be Joe "Boom Boom" Schmidt (courtesy of papa Ed)

However, none of the names have been to little man's liking because he has his little heart set on a name his mother will under no circumstances allow for him to be announced as in his skating debut.

What is the name he cannot live without you ask?

None other than:



Monday, February 18, 2008

Give me something to believe...

Loving this song. Believe by The Bravery.

Gainfully employed - Part 2

I have been contracting for four months and finally decided to apply for a "full-time" job now that things have been moving along - the home office has really stepped up and is quite the homemaker.

Before the holidays, my current supervisor spoke to me about a Project Manager position they had posted. He encouraged me to apply and after much thought I decided to throw my hat in the ring.

As with most large corporations it takes quite a bit of time to go through the interview process. I applied for the position at the beginning of January and had my interview on January 30th.

I must admit I was a bit rusty with my interviewing skills and was really struggling to remember specific events from my previous life. When I left CMG I pretty much purged everything - I didn't want to remember. Plus, a few of the interviewers were peers and I didn't feel it was appropriate to discuss the challenges I had experienced with another co-worker, so I started talking about my previous supervisory experience - quite a lot.

By the end of the two interviews I felt I had tanked them. Like I said I couldn't remember a lot of details except for staff details.

Little did I know the interview went much better than I thought.

The following day the head of our department wanted to speak with me and asked if I would consider applying for an Application Development Manager position on the IT leadership team.

Wow, guess I didn't tank it.

Long story short, I had an interview after I got back from Winnipeg on Thursday and they offered me the position on Friday.

I am going to accept the position tomorrow.

On a side note, I believe my new home will be the popcorn stench infused office from the popcorn debacle last month... Oh the irony.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

So glad to be home in balmy Minnesota

So, I am going to be honest.

I really didn't love love Winnipeg.

I am thinking it had something to do with the fact it was -3842 degrees below zero - celsius.

I usually really enjoy the sound of squeaking snow when it is cold, however Winnipeg snow reaches a new decibel level of squeak.

Then while I am at it, they also don't shovel the sidewalks must be because it is tooooo cold. Just have to tell you I was none too happy this a.m. trapsing through the snow in work shoes while pulling the luggage over the snowdrifts...

I had to stop and laugh at myself a few times, cause I almost bit it at few times.

Now that would have been a good story.

Wiping out in Winnipeg.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Question: What part of Winnipeg in February seems like a good idea?

Answer: None.

Current weather: -18, but it really feels like -42.

So happy it will be warming up to a high of ZERO for my arrival on Monday.

Off for a few days to talk about Canadian farmers.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

in the last seven days...

we been forced to replace

one cracked microwave
our so-so washer and dead dryer
a leaky dishwasher
a broken garage door spring...

our wonderful school

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Yep, we're still here

Just tooo busy to even take a moment to blog.

How sad is that?

Hope you are all well my friends - talk to you soon.