Wednesday, August 19, 2009

10U AAU Nationals

Here is a video I found out on YouTube, it is of the champions for 8U, 10U Division 1 & 2. We played in Division 1, placed 22nd overall.

The team that won the whole thing was from Tennessee. Check out #42 - she seriously was at least 6'0" and could move. They had another girl that was 6'1" or 6'2". They are 11!!! It is amazing how well these girls is sooo much fun.

It's on like Donkey Kong

This past weekend JG was exposed to Donkey Kong for the first time at our friends' cabin. Their son JT had a Game Cube in the basement and Donkey Konga was the only game available, Donkey Kong and some bongos.

I must admit that I am completely clueless when it comes to most video games, but laughed when I saw little man with the bongos. For some reason whenever I see bongos I think of Matthew McConaughey and his unfortunate incident. I digress...

JG became a Donkey Kong bongo playing clapping fool for the weekend. It was rainy and the kids were stuck inside and all you could hear was the beating of the drums.

It must have made an impression on our young son because I have been awoken the last three nights to someone clapping in the night. At first I was scared thinking that someone was in the house and trying to wake us up, but no it was JG clapping away in his sleep on to his all time high on Donkey Kong.

Had to laugh again because Dan said that when he picked JG out of bed to go into his he played the bongos (in his sleep) for at least a minute.

Really rethinking the purchase of "Guitar Hero" for Xmas...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ok - enough is enough

I have been waking up at night feeling guilty because I am not blogging - good 'ol Catholic upbringing again. I am realizing that I am not documenting our life at the Schmidt house as the kids are getting older and I feel like the bad mom.

We have had a very busy summer (now that summer is actually here!) we went over to Chetek this past weekend to spend about 29 hours with our friends the Tordsens. Dan and Noel went to high school together and have seriously been friends since they were something like 5 years old. They used to do some pretty stupid things together and after this weekend it is good our children live far away from one another because it is very true that history repeats itself.

We went boating yesterday on Pokegama Lake and Rachel (Noel's wife) said she laughed so hard at JG her cheeks hurt. He was in rare form this weekend. Most of his conversations start a little something like this: "So, what do you think would win...a badger or a wolverine?" He is completely obsessed with animals and natural selection.

I am glad to be home and gearing up for a busy week - we head out Friday for another weekend at the lake - we go to Gull Lake with our neighbors and then will be with Dan's family for the remainder of the week. JG just wants to fish until "he can't stand up anymore."

Here are some photos from this weekend's adventures: