Tuesday, June 01, 2010

When I Got My Hockey Equipment - By JG

One day I asked my Dad if we needed to get new hockey equipment. On Tuesday my Dad came in with a big bag of hockey stuff...

He tried to put my shoulder and chest pads on but my head was too big. Then my Dad went to the store for bigger ones, but I did not want to wear them to practice.

It was my game but I still did not want to wear my equipment.

Then it was the end of my game. My Dad asked me if I wanted to wear my hockey equipment. I said on Monday.

I was at practice and my Dad put my equipment on. I went on the ice and I didn't like my hockey equipment for awhile but...

I got used to it. I thought to myself it was the best hockey equipment ever! I told my Dad this is the best hockey equipment ever.

Finally, I told him to never throw my equipment away.

The End

When I was a kid, just about every summer we'd take a vacation. And you know, in 18 years, we never had fun

***To my mom Sharon - don't worry - the blog title for this post comes from a Clark Griswold quote from National Lampoon's Vacation - I really DID have fun on our family vacations.***

We had a very busy weekend as I am sure was true for everyone. I managed to get a lot of the chores done due to procrastination of work commitments. Not a good place to be, but have it all done now and need to get to bed.

The work commitment is due to continuing to do my old job as well as my new one. Can't tell you how happy I am going to be when they get someone in to do my old gig. AE asked me if I was being paid for two jobs and I smiled and said, "No honey, that's not how it works." I am trying to be a good former team member and help out versus just leaving them holding the bag - not my style.

Dan and the kids went fishing today while I got the first Schmidt family Griswold adventure planned out. AE's team is going to Nationals at the end of the month - gosh can't believe it is going to be here already.

We will be tooling through the Heartland on our pilgrimage to Nashville...we are visiting Mammoth Cave, Elizabethtown (Twins minor league team game), Fort Knox (maybe), Cardinals baseball, the Great St. Louis Arch, and Mark Twain's home...any other suggestions?