Monday, June 15, 2009

What part of this was a good idea?

Guess the home office brought down the house in some dive bar in Biawabik singing the following tune in bad karoke.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

i like...

this song - it's been in my head all day - "Don't Cry" by Olivia Broadfield.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Happy Mother's Day...28 days late

AE wrote me a card for Mother's Day, I was going to post it then obviously got busy and came across it today and wanted to share.


awesome - authentic - amazing

wishes to have peace on earth
dreams of reeses peanut butter cups
who wants joe and allie to stop fighting
who wonders what goes on in my head

who fears scary movies
who is afraid of spiders
who likes watching my basketballgames
who believes that i start all the fights

who loves joe and allie
who loves to read books
who loves a vacation
who loves piano

who knows i love her
who plans to conserve energy
who listens to classical music
who is my mom - the great


I don't know what is wrong with me and what I really have against this whole blogging thing now - I have become a fair weather blogger and deep down I hate it because there are so many things going on I would like documented.

Summer is upon us and I feel completely and utterly unprepared. Case in point, we do NOT have childcare next week since the Kidstop does not start until 6/15. Dan and I actually spoke about this on Thursday and realized that we didn't have it covered. Thank goodness for grandparents! My mom and Dan's folks are going to be here during the week to help out. THANK YOU GRANDPARENTS!

Then Dan leaves on Thursday a.m. for his annual golf weekend with 7 of his friends. The kids and I have to head to Des Moines Friday because AE plays at 6:00 pm Friday night in the Midwest Bash. Then Mimi has to go to Auntie Shirley's house for a night with her cousin dogs. Then my sister and family will be there Saturday night with 5 dogs. By Sunday at 9:00 pm our family will be back together under the same roof.

This is seriously how life has been the past six months, like you are on one of those spinny rides at the fair and if you look around for even a split second you will suddenly feel like you are going to throw up. That is our life. I know that everyone's lives are going at the same pace, but there are moments that I would love to pack up everything and move to the middle of Wyoming - maybe Thermopolis and let the world go on around us.