Sunday, July 25, 2010

oh, to be twelve again...

i am amazed at how otherworldly our daughter is.
she sees no bad in anyone (except maybe her brother),
the world is always new to her,
she speaks before thinking
and is pure in thought.
she has no filter
and i love that about her.
she doesn't know how to judge others.
what a beautiful place to be in the world,
oh to spend a day in her shoes
and see the world from her eyes.

i am proud of who she is
and who she will be.
in the same breath
i wonder what she will do
when she goes out into the world on her own.
when she will need to balance her own checkbook,
cook her own meals
and actually have to earn money to support herself.

i appreciate each moment i have with her
and continue to shake my head in amazement at
how the world truly is new to her
each and every day.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

to nashville and back

we had a great vacation, the basketball could have been better, but we saw america from the family truckster. the kids didn't fight...that much and dan and i didn't get into one domestic thanks to the lovely garmin.

garmin are a life saver.

oh and did i mention...

i suck at being a blogger think i might be voted off blog island...sigh