Thursday, March 04, 2010

This is our last weekend of traveling basketball for 09/10 season, we are so ready to move forward.

Dan told AE tonight, "You have to start practice (with her other team) on Monday. Are you ok without a break." She didn't miss a beat, "Dad, that's ok. I am fine with it because I am going to have fun. I don't need a break."

We are off to Kansas in a few weeks, I believe that it is me in the minivan with six screaming pre-teens.

This past weekend my sister and I headed to California for Auntie Shirley's retirement party - we had a fantastic time with Shirley and my mom, we were finally able to meet so many of the people I have heard about for years. One guy said to me, "I know all about you, hey wait you're not ten years old anymore."

Sonoma is AMAZING. Completely, totally, absolutely love the place. Need to take some girls weekends out there. Shirley has the cutest little house and the land is breathtaking. Can't wait to get out there again to visit and see more when we have time.

I also realized that my sister and I travel very differently, actually it went well. No fights - dad you would be proud. However I wondered at the start of our journey when she decided to grab something to eat before we took off to SFO. She showed up after, "last boarding call" with a bowl of soup. Sigh. Fortunately she didn't spill it on anyone (namely me) and she was able to keep her questionable suitcase in the overhead bin.

Adventures included: complete confusion how to start the rental car, intoxicated person laid on our car (after we started it) at a stoplight thanks to Amy making eye contact, my sister got peed on by a dog before dinner, found some great deals ($70 Lucky scarf for yes, $5.99), blew a fuse, got lost, accosted by aunt's neighbor insistent I needed to buy two dozen homemade tamales, and slept with four dogs (long story).

What a lovely time, great memories, and of course lots of laughs.