Tuesday, March 31, 2009

OMG - I love your purse

Had a good laugh this weekend at the basketball tourney, I sat with the parents between one of the games and one of AE's teammates brother sat down to chat.
I moved my Mary Poppins' Dooney & Bourke bag so he could sit down.

"OMG your purse if so cool."

"Why thanks CS."

"That is just so cool that you got your purse at Dave & Busters. How many tickets did it take to buy it?"

Monday, March 30, 2009

Hello again...Hello

Now I have that stupid Lionel Richie song in my head -

So, how is everyone in Blogland? I have really fallen off the face of the Earth the past few weeks. Think that it is I am completely full up with everything else that life is throwing at us right now and just have nothing left to say by the end of the day.

We finally had our first low key weekend at home in months. It is our brief respite before Spring basketball and hockey go into full swing. AE and I went to watch, imagine this...basketball. Her friends were all playing at Maple Grove HS this weekend and then Dan and I had the opportunity to clean the garage.

We managed to complete the task without a fight (small miracle). He did at one point tell me to get out of his space, if I recall, the quote was, "You have the rest of the house - in fact you took over the last spot that was mine (the basement), so now this is all I have (the garage) and here you are." I believe that is when the door fell off the cabinet and he was distracted and didn't kick me out.

Here are some highlights of the past few weeks:

- AE & I traveled to KS and back with her AAU team, 5 girls in a mini-van for 14 hours makes you really, really tired. They played great and had fun at KU.

- JG had his Mite Nite for hockey - he decided to be "The Shark" vs. "The Gravedigger". He's already chosen his moniker for next year, however do not know if it is going to fly. He wants to be:

Joe "The Bull" Schmidt

Don't think bull and Schmidt should be in the same sentence for the same reason I didn't name little man Jack (even though I love the name).

- AE and I hosted mother/daughter book club. All went well and Dan was not compared to a dictator.

Will make an effort to post more, that way my mom and dad can keep up and know that we are still kicking at the Schmidt house.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Last night I was laughing as little man read "Clifford's Red Sled" to me. He is working on punctuation at school and they must be on the exclamation point this week because he would read a sentence, get to the end, see that there was an exclamation point, then re-read the sentence with feeling.


If you ever wondered how often an exclamation point is used in a child's book, you need not wonder any longer - I can tell you.

Too much!!!

Also another little funny, AE couldn't find something (can't remember what).

AE: Mom, where is the blah, blah, blah?

Mom: It's in the junk drawer under the phone.

AE: Where?



Friday, March 06, 2009

Tightrope walking on a string

This has been one of "those" weeks where I often find myself scared to slow down and assess the situation because when I do I start to get this really tight feeling in my chest and I feel nauseous.

Does anyone else get that? When life is going mach 10 with your hair on fire...and if you stop you just might fall right over from that string you are balancing everything on...

I am going to bed.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Cocky and mean. That's the word on the street about our girl...

We played in the MSF state tourney yesterday. The girls went 2-1, AE played well and had fun.

I had to laugh, one of AE's best friend's (AP) mom (AP plays on the other Maple Grove team) told me about a little exchange she had with another parent while watching our game.

Guy: You know I've heard about that #44 on Maple Grove (#44 is AE)

AP's Mom: Really, what?

Guy: Yeah, I heard she is cocky as all get out and has a mean streak.

AP's Mom: Seriously?

Guy: Yeah, that's what I heard. What are you the mother?

AP's Mom: No, but close enough my daughter is one of her best friends.

Guy: Oh gee, so is she like that?

AP's Mom: The way you described couldn't be further from the truth. AE is the most humble, gentle child I know.

Guy: Silence.

I find it amazing how someone could possibly think that about our daughter. I told Dan this morning, had totally forgotten about it because it was so absurd.

His response, "You know that would really bother me if I didn't know it was the complete opposite of how our kid is."

Now about JG....that's a whole 'nother story....our little Boogaard has two parties, two games today and is ready to go "knock some heads" out on the ice tonight "in front of the big crowd".

If we could only morph the two together we would have even tempered, kind, aggressive enough kids...

but then again we love them for who they are and wouldn't change them for the world.