Sunday, October 02, 2011

sports overload

today was one of those days that from the moment we were up we were sports, sports and more sports.

started the a.m. in blaine with allie and her mg team, they won both games. she wasn't very happy with how she played, wished she had some do-overs. the high school coach said that she has to DOMINATE this year and think that is top of mind. she wants to dominate, but that also means that she needs to get the ball which still isn't an easy feat in 8th grade basketball. getting easier, but i swear girls don't "see" the court. oh well. it will come. she went 8/8 from the line, so that was very positive.

little man had two baseball games and what a two games they were. he went 7/7 from the plate and was on fire. he was so proud and most of all confident. no funks. which is such a good thing.

back to the daily routine tomorrow, oh wait, today. must get to bed. have just accepted a new role at work, think it will be announced tomorrow - start that new adventure nov 1.

Monday, September 26, 2011

The boy is growing up

and I don't think that I like it very much. Gone are the days of holding my hand, saying goodbye, and telling me how much he loves me. I know that under the tough guy exterior he still wants to give me a hug, tell me loves me and he really wants to tell me I am the best (and only) mom he has ever had.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Many a Family Tree needs pruning.

I have always been interested in genealogy - I know it is really looking back, not forward, but there is much to learn about yourself from the ones who went before you.

Over the past 15 years or so I have been digging into my family history, back when you would have to go to the local LDS library and start looking through microfiche. Let me tell you it was very frustrating and you would have to often times go to the small towns and dig through years of newspapers for one little blip telling you that Mildred luncheoned at Mamie's house last Tuesday noon. Was not for the faint of heart of fairweather tree hunters.

Over the past 3 years of so has really hit it out of the park with all of the changes they have made with their site. They actually make genealogy kinda easy and at your fingertips, how great is it to have a PDF of a 1840 US census at the click of the mouse. I currently have 859 people in the Galarneault, Hulett family tree and add more every day. It is addicting.

Recently I have had a few amazing experiences that I plan to share through this little outlet, it is easy for me to put the links in and have my dad (who is a bigger fanatic than me) be able to just click and he will be there. I will share the story about Wilma Ackerman, the house on Bridge St, and how I thought my relatives were buried in a small country cemetery that is now a drainage ditch another day.

Today I want to tell you about how I found my mom and aunt a cousin they never knew existed...

This story is about my great-grandmother Lillie Jackson Hulett - Lillie was born in 1867 to a Civil War veteran, grew up in Illinois, homesteaded in Nebraska in the 1880s, owned a general store in Wisconsin and passed away in the 1950s. She was extremely close to my grandfather Frank as he was her only child...actually there was an adopted son Howard that my grandfather Hiram got off of the train going to St. Paul, but again another story, another day. I always thought that my Grandpa Frank was her only birth child.

I was wrong - we all were.

Going through some old letters of my great-grandmother I found a few Christmas cards for "mom", which were not from my grandpa. I dug through and found out they were from Ralph and Marna Smith and their daughter Lorraine. There were many photos of Lorraine growing up and a wedding photo, but didn't have a clue what her married name was or what her husband's first name was...

So I have been looking for answers for awhile, who was this Ralph? Why did my grandmother leave a child? I found out Ralph was Lillie's son from her marriage to an Edward Smith who lived in Nebraska. Ralph was born in 1887, but never had record of him living with a mother, just his father and an uncle. There were so many questions.

A month ago I finally found Ralph's only daughter, Lorraine Smith Johnson (ok could we have two more generic surnames???) Glaser on

Unfortunately Lorraine passed away the day before Christmas Eve 2006 at the age of 80. It felt like I had been kicked in the stomach when I realized Lorraine was gone. I had never met the woman but got teared up. How were we supposed to know what happened? Again, so many questions that will left unanswered.

In Lorraine's obituary online there was a son listed, so I did some more digging and found him and his phone number. His number has been in my bag for three weeks and on Friday night I got up the nerve to call.

I was pleasantly surprised by the conversation, I honestly thought he would just hang up on me - you never know. It was quite the contrary. He didn't realize that his granfather Ralph's mother left him and had another family, he said his grandfather didn't talk about his childhood except to say it wasn't an easy one. Seems like there were a lot of things left unsaid...

At the end we discussed meeting for coffee (his home is across the road from the club where I play tennis). My mom and aunt didn't know that he even existed, or that I had called him. So I filled them in on Saturday and they were amazed to hear the story about their grandmother Lillie and have many of the same questions, they are excited to meet their new "cousin" they never knew they had.

Will post if we meet our new relative, hope to learn more about his life and his mother, the cousin my mother never knew she had.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Almost two years ago I had a post entitled, "Empty". It was about my grandmother's home in Aitkin.

I visited the post today and it took me back to how I was feeling when I wrote it - the house was empty and so was I. Well my friends, empty no more.

My dad just purchased the little house and I couldn't be happier.

I know it isn't on a lake or a river, but it is perfect just as it is. It will be our
little retreat in the middle of lake country and most of all it is the setting of some of my most beloved childhood we will be able to have our children make their own memories.

Oh, btw it is open to any blog friends who would like a "in town" north-woods retreat.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ok i am done with this whole heat wave thing, airline change fees and 6:45 basketball practice

***warning - there will be whining in this post***

don't know about the rest of you but i have had it with this warm. first we were in TN with the miserable heat and then we come home and it is worse here. plus i don't know if our air is really working as it should...i suggested to the home office that we could have blown the fuse again, but that wasn't received well.

about 4 years ago i ended up calling minnegasco when the air wasn't working, dan left and went to work and left me here at home looking like a complete idiot when the guy showed up, told me nothing was wrong with the a/c and flipped the switch/fuse and instant cold. i am hedging my bets that it might be the same case, but i am not going to fall for the minnegasco trick again. btw the same thing happened this winter with the furnace, dan left me here alone looking like the inept homeowner. i am sensing a pattern here...

i have to go to st louis next week and do a presentation to like 375 people - ugh. little nerve racking, but i am sure i will have another out of body experience, go on autopilot and then when it is done wonder what the heck i said. feel pretty prepared for the whole thing, only glitch was the flight which i had to change due to change in the agenda. if i wanted to fly home on thursday night it was going to cost and additional $783.00 - highway robbery. so i am staying overnight and paying $9.79 + $150 change fee for an extra exciting night in st louis.

ok that is enough whining. i need to get sleep allie has open gym with the HS basketball team at 6:45am. Crazy, just crazy.

Monday, July 18, 2011

summer is flying by

don't know where the time is going this summer. seems like yesterday was the last day of school and now all of the school supplies are out at target and the kids are already talking about the first day of school...

the summer is going well, the kids have a nanny this year and absolutely love her. she is the greatest and is driving them all over kingdom come. wish that nannying would have been an option for when i was in hs. seems like when i was a kid i babysat the entire week for like $20 and i felt that was a fortune.

just got back from TN with allie and the national aau tourney - they finished 6th in the nation. everyone got along for the most part and the girls had fun - the should be so proud of their accomplishment.