Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ok i am done with this whole heat wave thing, airline change fees and 6:45 basketball practice

***warning - there will be whining in this post***

don't know about the rest of you but i have had it with this warm. first we were in TN with the miserable heat and then we come home and it is worse here. plus i don't know if our air is really working as it should...i suggested to the home office that we could have blown the fuse again, but that wasn't received well.

about 4 years ago i ended up calling minnegasco when the air wasn't working, dan left and went to work and left me here at home looking like a complete idiot when the guy showed up, told me nothing was wrong with the a/c and flipped the switch/fuse and instant cold. i am hedging my bets that it might be the same case, but i am not going to fall for the minnegasco trick again. btw the same thing happened this winter with the furnace, dan left me here alone looking like the inept homeowner. i am sensing a pattern here...

i have to go to st louis next week and do a presentation to like 375 people - ugh. little nerve racking, but i am sure i will have another out of body experience, go on autopilot and then when it is done wonder what the heck i said. feel pretty prepared for the whole thing, only glitch was the flight which i had to change due to change in the agenda. if i wanted to fly home on thursday night it was going to cost and additional $783.00 - highway robbery. so i am staying overnight and paying $9.79 + $150 change fee for an extra exciting night in st louis.

ok that is enough whining. i need to get sleep allie has open gym with the HS basketball team at 6:45am. Crazy, just crazy.

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carey said...

you, my friend, deserve to whine. and wine. i seriously don't know how you do it...the flying, the meetings, the traveling basketball star, the hockey player, the home office, the...schwew. you're making me tired just thinking about it.

i have been "watching" the saga of allie and her basketball team on facebook. i'm amazed. i would love to watch her play someday.