Tuesday, December 30, 2008

For DeAnn

About a month ago, my family (without me - can't remember why I wasn't there) went to the Original Pancake House in Eden Prairie for breakfast. While there, Adrian Peterson came in with his family. My sister, never being one to just sit by and watch life go by walked up to the table and asked one of the people at the table  a question.

"Is that Adrian Peterson?"

"Might be," responded the man. 

"Oh, are you a Viking too?" she asked.

The man turned to her with a smile on his face and said, "No maam, I'm his daddy! You know what I like you. Adrian, get over here and take a picture with this lady, I like her."

I guess JG walked up to him and said, "I have you on my wall!" (He has a Fathead of him in his room). Adrian was very humble and was so kind especially to stand and take photos with these crazies. 

Until tonight I didn't know, nor did I care a new Bentlely Continental cost almost $200K

Tonight the kids and I went to Bedtime Stories with my mom and aunt, we all liked it really well. Both of the kids gave it a thumbs up - only thing I was so-so on was a scene where Adam Sandler sprays Xmas tree fire retardant in his eyes. Little man re-enacted in Hollister with the cologne, much to the chagrin of his mother and sister. Think it hurt enough he won't do it again....

I digress...

After the movie and dinner we needed to stop at the local Holiday station for some gas to make it home. While standing in the flippin' cold waiting for the pump to work I noticed a rather sleek automobilie drive up.

It was pretty, really, really pretty and looked like this:

I didn't even notice the person driving the car get out to buy something inside, I was looking at the pretty, pretty car. A carload of 20 somethings drove up and said, "OMG! OMG!!! It's him!!!"

"Him who?" I thought.

"It's Adrian. Adrian Peterson!!!", one of the girls screamed. They all seriously jumped out of the car so fast one lost her shoe. Sad.

Adrian was so gracious to take a photo in 16 degrees with an Under Armour shrit and sweats on - no coat.

I told the kids, "Hey, look there is Adrian Peterson."

Both looked and seemed unimpressed since their encounter at the Original Pancake House with Adrian last month...Joe looked up from his DS and said, "Oh yeah, I know him."

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Oh, her little corner of the world has life

AE has started blogging again, she was inspired by her friend Kylie who has been blogging on her mom's blog...

Her first blog after a year hiatus was similar to her first blog ever...

griping about cleaning the house.

We've made it through the holidays...so far

This past week has been a blur. We have seen pretty much everyone in our family, plus extended family, and we have more family to see next week. It
is good to connect with everyone.

The kids got everything they wanted from Santa and family that they could have asked for. Joe got a Mario DS and Allie a Nano (but you guys already knew that). She is so excited. I realized about an hour after they opened their gifts that we purchased gifts which encourage no interaction with any other member of our family....was this really a good idea?

Yesterday I played tennis with my good friend Jody and another friend Sue. We did well and took 2nd, I can't say that my good foot is better for it. I seriously cannot walk. It is like when I tore the ligament last year. NO GOOD. I am hoping it will be better tomorrow, I've got too much to do.

Just saw this photo and it made me laugh, it was entitled, "Cows are Stupid". Karen - I am sure Monkey might laugh as much as JG.

Monday, December 22, 2008

House Rules (according to AE)

The kids started Winter Break today and near as I can tell Dan must have put them to work because when I got home, hanging on the fridge there was a list of rules (i.e. grievances) put together by our dear and loving daughter.

AE's Laws
1. Make a mess, clean it up. (I can't wait to tell her, please refer to law #1)
2. JG is not allowed in AE's room.
3. No going over the speed limit. (Wondering if Dan got a ticket today, must ask youngest child who spills the beans on everything.)
4. If you borrow anything from AE you only get it for a maximum of 30 days.
5. Only kids, 10 and up, can play AE's DS.
6. Any damage to these laws (rips to paper) and will (look at #10).
7. No throwing anything of AE's away without permission - yes, I'm looking at you dad!
8. Whoever is closest to the door has to let Mia in.
9. You may NOT take any money around the house that is not yours without permission.
10. If you break any of these laws and you owe AE $5.
P.S. AE approves this message.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

If another person asks me if I am done Xmas shopping...

I am going to scream. I have to scream because if I don't I will cry. 

The answer is: NO

Can't remember the last time I was this discombobulated. 

Oh, and I need to go to Houston two days next week. Might be able to pick up some stocking stuffers at the airport. 

Monday, December 01, 2008