Thursday, April 29, 2010

Many parents made a mental note, "No hanging out with that Schmidt kid."

JG is making his First Communion this weekend, we went a few weeks ago to the final class with his group where the kids were able to do a "test run" of the whole process. This is where the life with JG fun began...

Let me set the stage...

about a month ago JG came home and informed his parents that he can't wait to get to college, rationale was - you have lots of fun and drink beer. Where he got this I don't know, he has been hanging out with some of the older boys in the neighborhood - who knows.

So Dan asked, "How do you know that is what you want to do? How do you even know if you like beer?"

Dan had a beer and let JG smell to which little man said, "Not so bad." Then he put a little taste on his finger which resulted in major dramatics, imagine feigning choking, spitting repeatedly and stating, "That is the worst thing that I ever tasted in my whole life!" So we thought case closed, end of beer drinking dreams in college.

Fast forward two weeks to religion.

JG had to go up and during the test run was encouraged to taste the wine - once again major dramatics and an exclamation for the ENTIRE church to hear.

"Hey mom, that wine tastes worse than beer."

I wanted to crawl under the pew...

Monday, April 26, 2010


So, my mom and my mother-in-law both said that they have been missing The Schmidt House - I have to admit I kinda do too. It feels like I am not keeping up my end of the documentation bargain - so need to get back into the groove of telling stories and sharing our chaos which seems to be plentiful.

I don't know if anyone knew, but I just took at new job at Cargill - will be starting next Monday - so very excited, I am moving to "the business". This new gig is really my dream job and can't wait!

More details to come -

Oh, will still be spending my time in grain elevators :)