Thursday, July 21, 2011


Almost two years ago I had a post entitled, "Empty". It was about my grandmother's home in Aitkin.

I visited the post today and it took me back to how I was feeling when I wrote it - the house was empty and so was I. Well my friends, empty no more.

My dad just purchased the little house and I couldn't be happier.

I know it isn't on a lake or a river, but it is perfect just as it is. It will be our
little retreat in the middle of lake country and most of all it is the setting of some of my most beloved childhood we will be able to have our children make their own memories.

Oh, btw it is open to any blog friends who would like a "in town" north-woods retreat.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ok i am done with this whole heat wave thing, airline change fees and 6:45 basketball practice

***warning - there will be whining in this post***

don't know about the rest of you but i have had it with this warm. first we were in TN with the miserable heat and then we come home and it is worse here. plus i don't know if our air is really working as it should...i suggested to the home office that we could have blown the fuse again, but that wasn't received well.

about 4 years ago i ended up calling minnegasco when the air wasn't working, dan left and went to work and left me here at home looking like a complete idiot when the guy showed up, told me nothing was wrong with the a/c and flipped the switch/fuse and instant cold. i am hedging my bets that it might be the same case, but i am not going to fall for the minnegasco trick again. btw the same thing happened this winter with the furnace, dan left me here alone looking like the inept homeowner. i am sensing a pattern here...

i have to go to st louis next week and do a presentation to like 375 people - ugh. little nerve racking, but i am sure i will have another out of body experience, go on autopilot and then when it is done wonder what the heck i said. feel pretty prepared for the whole thing, only glitch was the flight which i had to change due to change in the agenda. if i wanted to fly home on thursday night it was going to cost and additional $783.00 - highway robbery. so i am staying overnight and paying $9.79 + $150 change fee for an extra exciting night in st louis.

ok that is enough whining. i need to get sleep allie has open gym with the HS basketball team at 6:45am. Crazy, just crazy.

Monday, July 18, 2011

summer is flying by

don't know where the time is going this summer. seems like yesterday was the last day of school and now all of the school supplies are out at target and the kids are already talking about the first day of school...

the summer is going well, the kids have a nanny this year and absolutely love her. she is the greatest and is driving them all over kingdom come. wish that nannying would have been an option for when i was in hs. seems like when i was a kid i babysat the entire week for like $20 and i felt that was a fortune.

just got back from TN with allie and the national aau tourney - they finished 6th in the nation. everyone got along for the most part and the girls had fun - the should be so proud of their accomplishment.