Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hi! I'm AE, the babysitter

Today AE took a babysitting class - all day - at the end she received an official certificate and everything. I am excited for her...I think.

I can't however get this little clip out of my head, it is a short from "The Incredibles" called "Jack Jack Attack". Jack Jack, along with all of of the other members of the family, has special powers.

We watched this over and over again a few years ago and AE had the "Hi, I'm Kari the babysitter" imitation down pat.

The clip is a little long, but so funny. I can't get over how much AE does resemble Kari...

Let's hope life does not imitate art...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

what i am listening to now

a good pick me up for a chilly morning, it was recommended from a friend at work and i am liking it...try it, i think you might like it too.

Martin Roth & Alex Bartlett - Off the World

there are actually four versions available on iTunes - i have all four, but like this one the best.

Think someone had a little too much sugar...

AE went to a birthday party for her friend and BB teammate MT.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

She did it!

Baby girl made the "A" team. She was so excited this morning when she found out - you would've thought it was Christmas morning.

Monday, September 22, 2008

OK so I am a little sad about not having this week off

Now that I am staying at Cargill I don't have this entire week off to prep for new adventure because I still haven't left old adventure for new adventure at the same place where my little I/T experiment is still going.

In all honesty I am surprised I am not more upset than I am, once again a sign that I was where I needed to be the whole time.

Karen - started reading "The Book Thief" you were right it is a bit tough getting in to, however once you get past that what a ride...can't wait to see how it ends.

Now wait, I am sad that I don't have this week off because I would have been able to read ALL DAY LONG if I had wanted to.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

so sad

Blink-182 has been one of my favorite bands for quite some time, even though they aren't together I have followed the offshoots from the band +44 and Angels and Airwaves.

Today the drummer Travis Barker survived a plane crash, four people died, but he and one other survived. I am just sad, to many this is just another new story, but I took note when I saw it and was sad.

Here is one of my favorite Blink songs, "Adam's Song" it is a sad song, but like I said one of my favorites cause Mark sings it and it was before they were really big and it really touched me at a time in my life.

Take a listen.

Purple violets and schoolteacher angst

So over the past 24 hours I have managed to watch two, yes two movies, thanks to the new laptop. All other TVs w/DVDs were occupied in our home which is usually the case. Dan was watching the Twins get trounced by Tampa Bay and the kids were in the basement playing DDR.

So, upstairs I went with Colin Firth and Edward Burns in tow.

Then She Found Me
The first movie I watched was Then She Found Me. I believe it went straight to DVD, can't remember it in the theater. It was written, directed, and starring Helen Hunt. Matthew Broderick, Bette Midler and of course Colin Firth are also in it.

I didn't really like it. I was actually quite depressing. It is the tale of April a 39 year old, really wants kids teacher from NYC who marries this loser (Broderick) and he leaves her only to have her adoptive mother die the next day, then she discovers her birth mother who is a nutjob (Midler) TV personality only to fall in love with a neurotic father of one of her students (Firth) who decides to stay with her after she discovers she is pregnant with the loser's baby only to get dumped by the neurotic father after she hooks up with the loser. Then she loses the baby, the guy, turns away the nutjob mom and finally it all comes together in the end with little to no explanation.

So there, you don't have to watch it now if you don't want to.

Purple Violets
I liked this, but then again I love all Edward Burns movies even if they are bad. It was entertaining and starred Selma Blair (soon to be seen in Kath & Kim), Patrick Wilson from Little Children, Debra Messing, and of course Edward Burns.

This movie was the first movie to go direct to iTunes for distribution. Like I said, I really liked this.

Watch it if you have time, oh also listen to the music in it - really good.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Where do I begin???

So we have had some changes here and I am still reeling from a two-week roller coaster of emotions, changes, decisions, and finally coming full circle.

I am staying at Cargill.

I can't give details right now, but let's just say it is truly the right thing for us. Cargill is an exceptional company and as I said before every day I walked in after giving my notice I felt sad. I was almost in tears while walking in on Wednesday.

I was approached by a couple of women I look to as role models in the company and we had some heart to heart talks, as well as, my "best friend at work former client who is the brother I never wanted" co-worker. Through these conversations and also talking with Dan and my family I came to the decision and I have been sleeping better since.

They are willing to work everything out and give me some amazing opportunities as well.

I am very, very happy.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

For Nance and Shel

64 days 'til Twilight...found this on YouTube and thought you might enjoy.

I am the mean mom

because I won't AE sleep over with 16 girls the night before two basketball games, a practice and then tryouts the next day...

did I mention how much I am looking forward to this teen angst thing?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Love a condiment with booze in it

Am I the only one confused, but somehow entertained at the same time?

New Family - Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates (Long Version) - Watch more free videos

Lame duck

I only have four days left at Cargill and I am sad, I am really going to miss so many of the people that I have met. They are extremely funny and resilient, I have found that you have to be that way when you live in IT.

I also have discovered how unbelievably kind the people I work with are, I cannot tell you how many nice things people have said when they learn of my departure.

I do feel like the lame duck president or something, I made it all day without people coming and knocking on the door asking my opinion on a sundry of items.

So, I am now the "special projects specialist" trying to get all of the loose ends tied up before I go.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Blast from the past

I have been purging and came across some disposable cameras in the process. I hadn't a clue as to what was on them, so took them in to Target and had a little trip down memory lane.

Freaky tall

AE played her first fall 3 on 3 game Thursday night with some friends from her Spring team. They had a blast and won both games (margin of 82-16) . The leagues is 4th and 5th graders, AE's team has three 5th graders and one 4th grader.

They played a team of all 4th graders and one of the girls was overwhelmed after a few minutes.

She went over, sat down, and refused to go back in the game. When asked why by one of her teammates she replied:

"That one girl (AE) is freaky tall and I am scared."

AE had a really good laugh, can't tell you how glad I am she is comfortable with her height.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Change of scenery

Changed the layout - in search of new, but this will do for now. The last was driving me batty on the iPhone. 

Couldn't handle it anymore... anyone have any suggestions for cool layout sites????

My morning drive

This morning I was having a little chat with Nikki on the way to work and she totally put me in a good mood for the day without really even knowing it...

We were talking about her latest bus adventure with LA, it's been a bit dicey the first few days of school. First day, no bus. Second day, her home office went to retrieve the kindergartner and guess the entire bus world was sent spinning. They moved the bus stop, where you may ask? Don't know because Nik's home office (aka Eric) didn't think to ask. 

So this morning Nik was weighing her options.

I told her to call Sally the mom down the street to get the scoop.

What was her response.

"Nope, can't do it. The woman is clueless, a complete Gorilla Puff (new category to my world). Plus I just can't trust someone who's real name is Sarah but she goes by Sally. What is she some old lady?"

She wasn't finished. 

"Also something must be wrong with you to name your children, Mimi, Fred, and Walter."

I am assuming that all went well because I didn't have a voicemail.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Here we go!

JG has his first hockey game this morning - he is on the Renegades and is ready to go. 

AE starts clinics for traveling basketball tonight - we are heading down the traveling highway, guess we might as well kiss all of our weekends thru May goodbye. 

That is if she makes the team. 

Thursday, September 04, 2008

So here's the scoop...

This last week has been a bit of a whirlwind to say the least. Last Tuesday went to dinner w/my aunt, mom, and a friend of my aunt. The friend is my aunt's former employee and was in town for business. She and Auntie Shirley still work at the same company and she has been trying to lure me to the company for a few years...

So during dinner she says, "I have an opening in Mpls"...

It went really fast and I had a job offer by Thursday @ 4:00, crazy fast. I accepted and gave my notice Wednesday.

Here is the best part - I get to work from home full-time. I will still have about 20 employees, but they all work from home too! It is a telecommunications company (Avaya) and I will be responsible for maintaining maintenance relationships with clients - so I will get to get out and about.

I am really excited, nervous too because I never thought I would leave Cargill. It is such a stable company that is actually making quite a bit of money, but I think having the opportunity of being there for when the kids get off the bus every day is more valuable right now.

So there it is, my scoop.

I start on the 29th and am looking forward to maybe even catching up on my friends blogs

over my lunch break,

at my kitchen table,

in my home...

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Whole 'lotta f words - not the one you are thinking of...

So, this week has been filled with a lot of things that start with the letter "F" (ode to Sesame Street)...

First grade - little man started first grade yesterday, can't believe that our baby is going all day to his new school. Yesterday morning started a little rough with our pants on backwards and no underware - kinda forgot this minor piece of wardrobe. When asked how his day went he replied, "Fine, cept it would have been perfect if Nate was in my class."

Fifth grade - AE is a big 5th grader - wow how that went by fast...she likes her teacher, doesn't care all that much for her locker buddy, had a good lunch. She is growing up way too fast.

Fish - as in Mardy. He is trying to beat Nadal, but I am thinking it might not happen, so might as well go to bed.

Facebook - My sister has got me hooked.

Many more updates to tell...I am leaving Cargill for a new job. Funny the path that life takes you on sometimes.