Sunday, October 02, 2011

sports overload

today was one of those days that from the moment we were up we were sports, sports and more sports.

started the a.m. in blaine with allie and her mg team, they won both games. she wasn't very happy with how she played, wished she had some do-overs. the high school coach said that she has to DOMINATE this year and think that is top of mind. she wants to dominate, but that also means that she needs to get the ball which still isn't an easy feat in 8th grade basketball. getting easier, but i swear girls don't "see" the court. oh well. it will come. she went 8/8 from the line, so that was very positive.

little man had two baseball games and what a two games they were. he went 7/7 from the plate and was on fire. he was so proud and most of all confident. no funks. which is such a good thing.

back to the daily routine tomorrow, oh wait, today. must get to bed. have just accepted a new role at work, think it will be announced tomorrow - start that new adventure nov 1.

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